Posted: Nov 8, 2022

Postdoctoral Fellow, Energy Metabolism Research - Ravussin (Anticipated)

Salary: Annually
Application Deadline: N/A

Pennington Biomedical Research Center, a world-renowned academic research institute of Louisiana State University, is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow in Energy Metabolism Research.

The fellow will work in close collaboration with the Pennington Biomedical and Novo Nordisk bioinformatics groups, including 1-2 visits to the R&D facilities at Novo Nordisk in Denmark. The studies at Pennington Biomedical will be under the direction of Dr. Eric Ravussin and in close collaboration with our Novo Nordisk scientific collaborators. This training opportunity will provide hands on laboratory and clinical research encounters accompanied by interactive seminars to train new investigators in the knowledge and skills necessary for establishing an independent research career.

With an entire core dedicated to research in energy metabolism and energy balance (4 room calorimeters, more than 10 metabolic carts, a room calorimeter for newborn, the use of doubly labeled water), Pennington Biomedical is one of the most experienced institutions to perform energy balance studies in a clinical setting.

Over the last decade, a truly unique data set of high-quality human energy expenditure measurements have been generated at Pennington Biomedical Research Center using state-of-the-art 24h room calorimetry. The overall goal of this training position is to combine these data with omics analysis (e.g. proteomics, metabolomics and microRNA sequencing) of matched biological samples, which will enable phenotypic segmentation and the identification of biomarkers and molecular mechanisms associated with the interindividual variability in energy expenditure and substrate oxidation. Such insights may lead to the discovery of new pharmacological agents to boost energy expenditure and fat oxidation and improve weight management.

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow with previous training in energy metabolism and a strong knowledge of bioinformatics.

Job Responsibilities

  • Handle energy metabolism data in hundreds of clinical study participants and will merge this data with omics data in a collected database.

  • Examine individual differences in energy expenditure, fat oxidation and metabolic flexibility to identify metabolic phenotypes.

  • Identify interactions between energy metabolism and proteins, lipids, genes, and potentially other individual contextual factors in order to identify molecular signatures of energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

  • Generate new hypotheses linking the interindividual variability in energy metabolism to metabolic pathways.


  • PhD in human physiology, biology, chemistry or bioinformatics or similar field

  • Experience in basic lab skills including with previous training in energy metabolism and a strong knowledge of bioinformatics

  • Proficiency with standard software such as Word, Power point, Excel, statistical and bioinformatics packages, etc

  • Good communication and problem-solving skills

  • Show signs of independence